Why Coverage is Necessary for Hospice Re-certification

Manchester Specialty Insurance

If it is time for your facility to consider the hospice recertification process, you might be wondering how this will work. Learn more and see how you can keep your facility protected while undergoing the requirements for this.

Why Recertifticaion is Necessary

There are certain time limits on when the recertification process begins, according to Manchester Specialty Insurance. The process needs to be documented no more than two days before the beginning of each benefit period. Having this information documented can protect the hospice in case an issue comes up.

The Importance of Having Coverage

The right coverage is crucial because the facility needs to document individuals within the hospice and as they are doing this, sometimes errors can occur. This could be getting the wrong dates or not having a supporting statement. Having insurance coverage can protect the hospice during instances such as these. Making these types of mistakes can be costly; thankfully, having insurance protection can help during these instances.

Going through the hospice recertification process is important and necessary for new patients that come in. While going through recertification, mistakes can occur, so it is important to have the right insurance coverage. This can help the hospice save money and ensure that everything is taken care of properly.