Where To Find E and O Insurance?

When you are looking for the right packages to cover your insurance agency, it is important to research E and O insurance for insurance agents. This can be very different from the errors and omissions plans that you carry for your clients because the risks you face will not be the same. For instance, if a client has to pay more for damages than what they understood from setting up the insurance plans, then they could bring a civil suit against you. Errors and omissions coverage can help you pay for any damages you are found liable for from these cases and can be found in specialty markets designed for insurance agencies.

E and O insurance for insurance agents can help cover the costs of damages awarded to your clients in civil cases against you. In these cases, judges can find you liable for part of the damages that your clients had to pay to another party because of an error or omission on your part when setting up or maintaining an insurance plan. These damages can be quite high in some cases and having the right insurance coverage can help keep you from bankruptcy if something goes wrong. You can find these plans in insurance markets designed to help cover insurance professionals.