What Should Condo Association Insurances Cover?

condo association property and casualty insurance

Condominium associations can create a complex situation of figuring out the boundaries between who owns what. While those who live in condos have some qualities in common with homeowners in what needs to be handled by them, the condo association has a great deal they need to make sure to insure while making it clear to any unit owners what they need to care for financially. If you are looking for coverage for your condominium complex, then looking into condo association property and casualty insurance may take care of everything you need.


In general, there are some clear distinctions between what the condo association needs to cover for property and what unit owners must handle. Certainly, personal belongings that are not owned by the association are not its responsibility, while common areas and the property within them are wholly handled by the condo owner. What within the units, however, is handled by condo association property and casualty insurance? Typically, this just includes the exterior of the units and nothing within them, but some policies may cover more depending on what the owners are comfortable with.


Legal fees for lawsuits and medical bills can be quite costly should the claims be aimed at the association itself. Condo association property and casualty insurance can not only cover the areas owned by the association itself but also legal costs should someone be harmed on the common property.

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