What Is Covered Under PUD Home Insurance?

Home Insurance

Many people enjoy the perks of living in a planned unit development where they can own their own homes without the large amount of upkeep required of a full-sized single family house and yard. Because maintenance of the property as a whole is instead managed by a homeowners association, this organization must be insured against liability. Here is what is generally included in PUD home insurance.

General Liability

General liability protects the HOA in case someone slips and falls or is otherwise injured or experiences property damage on the premises. Coverage usually pays for medical bills as well as legal fees in case someone sues the organization. Individual members of the HOA also can be insured.


Property insurance generally includes damage and loss of the following:

  • Buildings and contents
  • Sewers and drains
  • Landscaping
  • Valuable papers

It also helps pay for pollution cleanup and costs of demolition and construction.

Crime and Fidelity

This type of insurance protects from crimes against residents as well as those committed by members of the HOA. Crimes such as forgery, theft, vandalism, and even assault are covered by this policy.

PUDs can be ideal communities for their residents and lucrative businesses for developers. Be sure to protect your investment in this type of property with home insurance designed specifically for a PUD.