Understanding the Container Security Initiative

Container Security Initiative

Over the last few decades, many large measures have been taken in order to increase national security in the United States of America. This is especially true when it comes to shipments that enter and leave the country. If you own and operate a business that handles shipping cargo internationally, then you absolutely must remain aware of the regulations put into place. Getting a better idea of what these rules dictate can help your company stay out of difficult situations with the government.

What Is CSI?

The Container Security Initiative is one of the more important programs to focus on. This program is meant as a way of protecting global trading systems and guarantees the safety of the harbors and ports of America. Under the CSI, any and all shipments must be inspected before leaving ports of the United States and upon entering the country’s waters. In order to protect your company and your assets during such checks, you should always take out an insurance plan that covers these concerns. Points to pay attention to with insurance include:

Remain Compliant

By understanding programs that dictate global trade, you can keep your business out of trouble and headed in the right direction. Take time to review how these initiatives work and discover what you need to do to stay compliant at all times.