Trucking Companies Can Save Thousands on Roadside Services – Here’s How

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if trucking companies with large fleets could pass off unpredictable service expenses? Specialized commercial truck insurance agencies may offer their loyal customers a roadside assistance package that offers complete coverage during a roadside emergency.

How It Works

The commercial roadside assistance package is typically paid for and renewed on an annual basis. For around $399.00 a year, a single vehicle can receive service coverage 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Better yet, this service can be conveniently billed on a monthly basis with an initial down payment.

What Services Are Covered?

An individual truck in a fleet can rack up thousands of dollars in annual expenses for emergency repairs while on the road, even when regular maintenance inspections are performed. Here are the services a commercial truck insurance policy can cover with the roadside assistance package.

  • Towing services (Locations up to 50 miles from each port)
  • Roadside mechanic services ($100 coverage per call)
  • Jump-starts or battery failure ($150 coverage per incident)
  • Tire repair or replacement ($100 coverage per incident)
  • Key replacements and lock-outs ($100 coverage per incident)
  • Fluid, oil or water delivery services ($100 coverage per call)
  • Battery or part delivery services ($100 coverage per call)
  • Fuel delivery services (30 gallons of fuel per call)

Some exclusions may apply to the roadside assistance package if the incident requiring these services does not follow under the specific coverage guidelines. Ask a reputable insurance agent for more information.