Truck Driver Hour Restrictions

Truck Drivers

Commercial truck drivers are not only held to the same standards that other drivers are, but they have their own regulations. How many hours can a truck driver drive? Here is what you need to know.

Why Are There Regulations?

The experts at explain the necessity of hour regulations. Without regulations, truckers are prone to being overworked. On the road, drowsiness is dangerous for the driver and for others on the road. The United States Department of Transportation provides regulations to truck drivers to ensure that they have regular breaks.

What Are the Duty Periods?

Truck driver standards are broken into duty periods. You can look at duty periods similar to a workday. This doesn’t mean that drivers have to work specific hours, especially since truckers tend to work unconventional hours. Instead, the drivers are regulated by how many hours they work. For instance, a driver may work for seven days in a row, but at the end of that seven days, he or she must take a 34-hour break. In 24 hours, a driver can drive up to 11 hours.

If a driver does not abide by these rules, he or she is subject to penalties. While there are times drivers may struggle with the regulations, they are in place for the protection of everyone on the road.