Protecting Your Workers With DBA Coverage

As a business owner you might think “DBA” means “doing business as”; however in the context of working with the federal government, these three letters mean something different. DBA refers to defense base act coverage, a type of protection that you’re required to have for your employees if you do contract work with the United […]

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Business Travel Accident Insurance

When you own a company that regularly has employees traveling for business-related purposes, you want to do everything you can to protect them and your company in case something goes wrong.  While traveling for business has become a necessity in today’s economy, it is not risk-free.  This is where business travel accident insurance comes in. […]

Understanding the Container Security Initiative

Over the last few decades, many large measures have been taken in order to increase national security in the United States of America. This is especially true when it comes to shipments that enter and leave the country. If you own and operate a business that handles shipping cargo internationally, then you absolutely must remain […]

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Insurance

A cyberattack is an attack on one or more computer systems or networks. Cybercriminals may seek to steal data, disable a computer or use a network to launch other attacks. Unfortunately, cybercriminals have several methods for an attack. With cyberattacks becoming more common, you need to protect your business against the threat. Learn the Cyber […]

Why Directors and Officers Insurance is Essential

Protecting your business from potential risks and harm often associated with unexpected lawsuits is vital. Directors and Officers insurance, often called D&O insurance, is one way to guard directors and other professionals from unanticipated financial obligations. This form of professional liability has a more narrow field of coverage and is essential to insuring your company and […]

Why Separating Business From Personal Finances Is Important

As a business owner, you know that keeping your personal finances separate from your business finances is an absolute must. Unfortunately for many business owners, this makes it hard to manage both their business and personal finances throughout the year. When you’re so wrapped up in the way your company is performing and investing profits […]

Insurance for the Hemp Industry

Today’s economic climate is uncertain because of a combination of macroeconomic factors like the global pandemic, which makes accurate and up to date insurance coverage important for every business. For the hemp industry, it’s even more important because while industrial hemp is legal at the federal level and useful as a cash crop in many […]

Finding an Insurance Provider in the Food Industry

In the food industry, there is a set of risks that don’t really occur in any other kind of business. So when it comes to insurance, you can’t just pick any insurance plan meant for businesses in general. You need to find an insurance provider that specializes in food industry insurance and has experience in […]

Exploring Telemarketing Options to Improve Your Business

  Exploring Telemarketing Options to Improve Your Business Arguably, the sales sector is the lifeblood of any modern company. In today’s fast-paced and evolving society, it can be so important to utilize telemarketing services to boost sales and improve your business. Many people think of telemarketing as an outdated method, but that kind of thinking […]