Social Media Provides a Great Platform for Insurance

By now most agencies have a well-designed website in place, utilize the benefits of social media to promote their site, and understand the importance of a solid marketing plan. Any marketing of products requires a strategy devised to showcase those products in their best light in order to accomplish your goals.

By studying the examples set by other agencies on their websites you can see certain aspects of their site that you can use to your advantage. It’s perfectly fine to instill some of the positive aspects of those sites into your own, just put your own spin on it. Insurance and Social Media can work well together as long as you avoid the “hard sell”. Make the experience an enjoyable one.

Promote your website on Facebook, emails and newsletters

Promoting your website through emails, newsletters, and on social media sites like Facebook can help create interest and results. Post a newsletter that gives specific details about your agency that might be of interest to visitors to your site. Testimonials from satisfied customers will entice others to inquire about some of the services you offer that they have interest in. A well-crafted social media page will provide a lot of word-of-mouth referrals and increase traffic to your site.

If you are successful at your insurance marketing strategies, you have to continue to keep your clients happy. Drop them a note about any changes that may affect their coverage. They like to be well informed about their policy. They may even have questions for you, so make yourself available to them. People really appreciate it when they are made to feel special and your ability to provide customers with outstanding service truly says a lot about your organization.

A little public exposure can pay dividends

Because people like to shop as close to home as possible you should meet them halfway. Attend community events where you can introduce yourself and hand out cards. Talk about the many positive aspects of having insurance, such as an investment, something that a lot of people perhaps haven’t even considered.

By demonstrating that you’re an active member of the community you can gain recognition for your agency and its brand. Your efforts are likely to pay off and can really help in generating new clients. People willingly support businesses that strive to make their neighborhood a great place to live in. Remember that you’re doing this in conjunction with your Social Media Insurance activities and promote your Facebook page as well.