Safeguards for Convenience Stores

When running a convenience store, one must make many considerations similar to that of other retailers and businesses. While these types of businesses have their own set of special needs that need to be addressed, they must also be sure that their convenience stores insurance plan has some basic protections in place. This typically includes:

  • Workers compensation
  • Employee disputes regarding harassment or discrimination
  • Health and safety
  • General liability and property coverage
  • Coverage for vehicles used for business
  • Recovery from criminal activity

Unique Needs of Convenience Stores

Convenience stores have some unique circumstances to consider compared to other retailers. For a business that also deals with regular gasoline sales and a constant influx of travelers, in addition to the handling of alcohol and food sales, specialized convenience stores insurance becomes a practical investment. Some of these specialized needs are:

  • Canopy care
  • Maintenance and care of gasoline equipment
  • Coverage in the event of spoiled food
  • Prevention of and recovery from Hepatitis exposure

When considering applying for convenience stores insurance, disclosing some key information can be helpful. While hours of operation and percentage of liquor and gasoline sales are factors that can affect eligibility, having protection under a plan that intuitively addresses the potential needs of this specific type of business can be a wise decision.