Road Warrior Insurance Is Available Today

The United States Department of Transportation sets rules regarding truck driver hours of commercial road warriors. This is done to protect both the trucker from becoming overly tired or inattentive and to guard the other drivers’ safety on the road.

DOT Records

You may drive box trucks, semi-trucks or cargo vans. You may be employed as a driver, or you may own a fleet of trucks. Keeping track of truck driver hours while on the road is an important part of the records drivers must keep. Here are some of the mandatory logs that must be maintained per the DOT regulations:

  • Work hours
  • Duty periods
  • Work week
  • Off hours

Specialized Coverage

The insurance experts that keep track of truckers believe that whether you drive local routes or travel thousands of miles across the U.S., you need to protect yourself from the unique risks that constantly appear on the road. Here are some of the many types of insurance coverages available for truck drivers:

Insurance is a valuable tool for all types of road warriors that want to stay on the highway. No matter what type of truck you drive or how many miles you travel in a work week, there is an insurance program for you.