Protect Your Business From Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks have become commonplace in the business world. Small companies are most susceptible because they typically don’t have the internal resources to combat cyber theft. Criminals can shut down computer systems, corrupt data and steal sensitive information. Depending on the size of your company, these attacks can cost from thousands to millions of dollars in damages.

Protect Your Assets

Cyber liability insurance helps protect companies from losses resulting from cyber attacks. Policies can be written to cover many different scenarios, including:

  • Costs involved with the loss of data and recuperation fees
  • Interruptions to business operations, including lost profits and other expenses
  • Expenses involved in restoring your reputation with clients and customers
  • Legal fees related to the breach
  • Extortion-related expenses caused by a cyber threat

There are additional steps you should follow to reduce the risk of cyber attacks in your company.

  1. Back up all data regularly to reduce the likelihood of extortion.
  2. Conduct background checks on potential employees to see if they have a criminal past.
  3. Implement security policies and train employees to recognize suspicious emails and texts.
  4. Limit those who have access to sensitive information.
  5. Install a firewall and antivirus software on all computers.
  6. Encrypt confidential data files.

While you can’t totally eliminate the threat of cyber attacks, you can significantly reduce your risks with some proactive steps.