Professional Liability for Mental Health Providers

Most mental health professionals, even when they are successful, lack the resources to defend against a malpractice claim or lawsuit. But over the span of a typical, 20 year career, as many as 40% of psychologists can expect to face at least a licensing challenge. HPSO professional liability insurance can protect your practice against these types of situations.

Common Accusations

Mental health care providers may face any of the following allegations:

  • accusations of physical or sexual abuse
  • claims of privacy violations
  • medical malpractice
  • licensing board complaint

Any of these claims can cost thousands of dollars in fees, lost work time, or judgments against you. Liability insurance can help you to cover these associated costs, and provide representation to help you defend yourself.

Protecting Yourself

Even professionals who are employed by a larger organization may not be sufficiently covered in the face of a serious claim against them. And employer-based policies may not cover work done independently or as a volunteer.

An insurance professional can help you to make decisions about the kind of coverage you need, whether claims-based or occurrence coverage, and can help you to understand what coverage you may need to maintain after leaving a particular position. HPSO professional liability insurance will help you to protect your practice no matter what challenges you may face.