Preparing for Legal Issues in Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate industry can be a profitable scenario when the market is thriving, but there are still risks and exposures to lawsuits and loss based on your line of work. The extensive work of bringing together buyers and sellers has become infinitely more complicated, especially since real estate also includes commercial developments, investment trusts, and property management companies. As found on the information at, each one of the categories carries a unique real estate liability risk.

Protecting Yourself From Legal Nightmares

There are a number of things that could go wrong or create an incident when working in real estate. Contract liabilities, claims of negligence, client injury from a fall, or property damage from malfunctioning equipment can open you up to a lawsuit. Without the right insurance protection, you can find yourself in a costly, legal nightmare. Keep these things in mind with your insurance policy.

  • Everyone that works in real estate is at risk for a crazy claim that is either founded or unfounded.
  • Always know the details of your policy and limitations. Know the timeline for filing and the coverage limits.
  • Carry enough insurance. Your coverage should have a minimum of $250,000, with the maximum being based on the amount of money of your largest deal in a year.

Filing a claim on your insurance is unfortunate, but it is best to have the coverage available when you need it.