Pet Liability: Protecting You and Your Landlord

When you own your home, determining responsibility for what happens there is pretty straightforward. When you rent, however, the lines between tenant responsibility and landlord responsibility sometimes get blurred. Pet liability insurance for renters allows you to add a landlord or property owner to your pet policy for a small fee so that they are covered for the things you dog does on their property just as much as you are.

Imagine a scenario where you are walking your dog. You let your dog off the leash to run on your landlord’s property, and the dog ends up biting someone else. The bite victim can sue both you and the landlord for the attack. If, however, your pet liability policy lists your landlord as an additional insured, both of you are covered. The policy covers your legal costs, including settlements or awards to the plaintiff bringing the suit for medical bills or any other suffering caused by your pet for you and the property owner.

If you are in the market for dog bite insurance and you rent your home, make sure to ask about pet liability insurance for renters. In fact, many property owners require you to include them in your policy before they will allow you to have a pet. Your landlord deserves to be covered just in case he or she is sued over actions committed by your dog.