Is Your Marine Business Properly Protected?


When you run your own business, it goes without saying that preparedness is key, and that means protecting yourself against liability with comprehensive insurance coverage. However, marine contracting businesses have special concerns and considerations that may not be addressed by the average policy. Commercial marine contractor’s insurance can help you make sure you’re able to enjoy the peace of mind you deserve thanks to the ironclad, thorough insurance you need.

A Look at the Difference

As explained by Merrimac, marine-specific insurance adequately addresses important issues that simply wouldn’t be of concern to a landlocked or non-marine business. They include the following:

  • Unique risks employees and work teams face when working on or with marine vessels in open water.
  • Water-specific liability concerns for those who run marinas, shipyards, marine shipping companies, waterfront establishments, and more.
  • Staying adherent to current and changing laws, regulations, and statutes that affect marine businesses of all types.

Choosing the Right Insurance Company

You don’t want to trust the ongoing health of your marine business to just anyone, so it’s best to choose an insurance company that specializes in commercial marine insurance in particular. Not only will your coverage be positively airtight, but you’ll gain instant and ongoing access to experts who can help you make wise, well-informed decisions for your business moving forward. Start your search today, and get protected.