Internal Threats To Your Company Take Many Forms

internal threats

When protecting your business against common threats, it is important that you take caution and consider all of the potential issues you might encounter. While your management and high-level executives are individuals who you believe you should trust with sensitive information and access to financial records, a number of cases have appeared over recent years involving internal theft committed in these positions. Often, external threats and potential theft from low-wage workers are targeted exclusively, leaving huge gaps in protection.

Increase Protection With Insurance

As evidenced by the recent scandal involving the CompUSA Lawsuit, a high-ranking executive was completely able to steal millions of dollars from the business. To avoid major losses, you must consider your current insurance policy. Most policies will include optional protection from negligent or malicious actions on the part of executives, directors, and officers. Additionally, a comprehensive policy will also include:

  • Protection against major loss from internal culprits
  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Enhanced cybercrime protection for internal and external threats

Evaluate Common Threats

When you are evaluating the threats facing your business, it is important to remember that these potential issues can come from a number of directions. Keep this in mind as you select insurance that makes sense for your needs and discover how it can positively influence your decisions moving forward with your company.