How To Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims for Staffing Firms

Running an agency that handles staffing services can produce a number of interesting obstacles. If you’re looking to maintain comfortable cash flow, you need to consider factors like how often your workers are putting in compensation claims. The more frequent the claims, the more likely it is your premiums will go up and impact other areas of the budget. Thankfully, you can avoid this by putting thought behind certain elements of workplace safety. Review these tips and see how to make a difference.

Take the Initiative

One ways to reduce staffing agency work comp claims is by ensuring the workplace is actually safe. As the business owner, it is entirely your responsibility to make sure every aspect of a facility or office is up to code. This means adhering to annual inspections and taking initiative when it comes to fixing problem spots that could lead to accident or injury. It also means conducting due diligence with companies before you sent out contractors. You want to make sure the client is safe and reliable before any workers go to a job. Other insurance factors to consider include:

  • Coverage in the events of errors
  • Compensation for contractors
  • Policy options for directors

Consider Your Options

Though there are many angles to review when handling the needs of your staffing firm, safety should always be a top priority. Put together a plan for workplace safety and it can easily help you reduce how often you see claims.

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