How to Protect Your Marina

Mariners Insurance

When it comes to marinas, you have unique risks from other businesses. This is why it’s important that you take advantage of the insurance options a marina benefits from. While in the marina, theft, vandalism, and accidents can occur. It’s crucial that you consider the risks and prepare appropriately.

Marina Security Risks

The experts at Mariners Insurance emphasize the importance of security at your marina. When someone uses a marina, they expect safety. In fact, marinas are supposed to be among the safest places to store boats. While you have security systems in place to protect member boats, you also need the insurance protections that cover member property.

Marina Insurance Options

With the unique risks, marinas have to have unique options. Even with the best security system, accidents can still occur. You have to be prepared for anything. Insurance options available include:

  • Hull and liability
  • Yacht club insurance
  • Member property
  • Regatta liability
  • Chartering coverage
  • Sailing school training
  • Pollution coverage

Not only do you need to protect your property, but you also have to protect the property of your members. Whether you have members who live on their boats at the marina or those who frequent regularly, it’s important that you have adequate insurance coverage for your marina and your members.