How to Avoid Patient Mishandling

Caitlin Morgan : How to Avoid Patient Mishandling .

In medical facilities, the risk is inherent. While some risk is expected, patients should not have to worry about the medical staff being unable to care for them properly. This means that there should never be fear that a staff member will drop them or mishandle them in a way that will cause injury. Unfortunately, without proper training, this is exactly what can happen.

When medical staff mishandles a patient, it can lead be mentally and physically taxing on the patient, explain the experts at Caitlin Morgan. If the medical staff cannot lift the patient properly, the patient may fall. Patient falls in nursing homes and medical facilities can be severe. Most often, patients can suffer broken bones or even concussions due to a fall.

It is mentally taxing because the patient may recognize the inability to handle them. Then, he or she is not going to trust the medical staff to do their job properly. When you are reliant on hospital staff, you have an expectation that they know what they are doing. To feel like you’re in the wrong hands can be emotionally difficult and stressful.

Hospitals and medical facilities should encourage safe lifting training. This safe lifting training should include the proper techniques to carry or handle patients. It should include the different risks involved and how to mitigate said risks.