Getting Approval to Run a Nursing Home

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With the current demand for senior care and baby boomers approaching their golden years, the steady demand for nursing homes may very well continue. Setting them up requires special considerations and adherence to many laws and regulations so it’s important to know what factors might affect the status of a facility. Everything from licensing and nursing home insurance rates can depend on certain variables, so it can be useful to keep them in mind when laying the foundation for a new location.


Each type of nursing home may be held to different standards depending on some of its characteristics. Before even enrolling the first resident, the following are likely to be considered during the approval process:

The size and location of the facility
The number of residents compared to staff
Certifications and licenses held by staff
The types of conditions that a facility is authorized to treat

Before a proposal to open a new facility is even submitted, having a comprehensive plan complete with details, such as nursing home insurance rates from different agencies, can make the transition from the planning stages much smoother. A good starting point is checking the individual requirements dictated by your home state to have a clear understanding of what you still need to do before getting started.