Factors that can Affect the Quote for Your Homeowner’s Insurance

There can be a number of factors that come into play when requesting home insurance quotes in CT. knowing what to look for in a quote and what those numbers may include can be a bit tricky. Here are a few factors that can influence those numbers.

Construction Materials

A home’s construction may affect your quote. Certain building materials require more maintenance and may be considered higher risk by the insurance company.

The Home’s Age

A home’s age may also be an influencing factor. A brand new home may be built to the most recent codes and be at less risk of things breaking while an older home may require potential upgrades to key systems.

The Home’s location

Your home’s location may also play a role in your quote. For example homes located at the bottom of a watershed may be in more danger of flooding and cost a little more to insure due to the higher risk. Your agent should be able to assess the home’s location and let you know what, if any, locational factors may affect your quote.

Keep in mind that home insurance quotes in CT, depend on your home type, age, and location. If there are other factors influencing your quote numbers your insurance agent should be able to walk you through each factor, and help recommend improvements that may help.