Everything You Need To Know About VNAs

Home Health

Individuals new to the field of home health may hear about important resources such as VNAs. They may not know much about these organizations and how they can help patients receive quality health care from the comfort of their homes. The following are some of the most common questions they may have about VNAs.

What are VNAs?

The VNAs are Visiting Nurse Associations. These organizations are non-profit health care agencies established in the United States since the late 1800s at earliest. They are composed of nurses, therapists and other health specialists. While they vary between independent and traditional organizations, they collaborate with patients and physicians to help the former heal and improve their strength and mobility.

What Is Their Connection to Insurance?

VNA staff offer a variety of intensive medical services that boost the patient’s wellbeing and home safety. However, these programs also expose the agencies and their employees to a variety of risks and hazards. A detailed and personalized insurance plan covers these daily exposures.

What Areas Are Covered?

According to Manchester Specialty and other field authorities, insurance provides professional liability. Most plans also cover the following areas.

  • Telehealth services
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Third-party crime
  • Auto liability

These are just a few common areas. VNAs ally with insurance agencies for additional coverages based on their needs.

VNAs are some of the most well-established organizations in-home health care. They work with their insurance companies to provide top-quality care to their homebound patients.