Effective Tool Maintenance

Effective Tool Maintenance

Construction workers rely on tools in almost everything that they do throughout a day. It’s imperative to ensure that tools are well-maintained to prevent accidents or injury. Here are some of the most effective ways to maintain tools.


One of the most important parts of tool maintenance is regular cleaning. Dirt and building materials can clog up tools such as drills, pliers, or chisels. Cleaning tools off with a damp sponge can help to remove thick build-up. Some tools and equipment that have very fine parts may benefit from being cleaned with compressed air.

Prevent Rust

Heavy rust can cause tools to suddenly give way. Keep your tools free from rust by keeping them in the sunlight when you’re not using them and store them in containers.

Mind Cords

When you’re using a tool, be careful of dragging the cord along rough surfaces. Frays and rips will cause tools to stop working mid-use, and they can also cause electric shock.

Inspect Tools

It’s a good idea to periodically inspect your tools. Inspections can alert you of any problems before you start using tools them or give them to someone else to use.

Safety always have to the first priority in every construction project. Proper tool maintenance will help ensure that tools can be used safely and won’t be the cause of an accident.