Do You Require Office Supply and Stationery Insurance?: Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether your business requires protection from potential lawsuits or your merchandise is at risk of procuring damage inside the warehouse, stationery retailers insurance packages can be created to cover the costs.

What Types of Merchandise Are Protected?

Contents insurance for office supply and stationery stores will cover a number of different items you have in stock, for sale or in use inside your facility. A few of the items typically considered include the following:

Electronics-In-store or warehouse shelving
Office equipment-Furniture

Other Property Coverages That May Be Required

In most cases, a office supply or stationery store will require supplementary insurance to protect other parts of your property. The types of property damage insurances you may need include the following:

-Flood insurance
-Hurricane insurance
-Earthquake insurance
-Sewer backup and drains insurance

Additional Business Insurances

Since office supply and stationery insurance only covers the damages done to the products and items you have inside your buildings, there are other risks that aren’t included in this package that you may need to include in your policy. Here are a few of the common insurances offered to most businesses:

-General liability insurance
-Workers’ compensation insurance
-Employee dishonesty insurance
-Employment practices liability insurance
-Business interruption insurance

If you require stationery retailers insurance, talk to a reputable insurance broker today and discuss your options.