Coverage for Recreational Marine Activities

Recreational marine activities are a pastime that many enjoy whether it’s a boat ride out to sea, of spending time with others who enjoy the water dockside. Even with the joy that these pastimes can bring there are still certain risks involved. Those who are in the business of providing these services understand that, which is why putting coverage in place for recreational marine programs offered is a wise safeguard.

Others That Qualify

This type of coverage is not limited to the activities themselves, but businesses who make these activities possible. Because of that, specialized coverage can also be provided not only to yacht clubs and boating businesses, but also to:

  • Manufacturers of boating accessories and parts
  • Marine manufacturers
  • Repair services for ships
  • Yacht and boat builders
  • Boat dealerships

Finding the Perfect Agency

There’s no need to settle for just any insurance labeled for recreational marine programs. When on the search for the perfect coverage, ask yourself the following before making a decision:

How well does the insurance agency understand my business’s needs?

Can coverage be customized to address the unique risks and exposures of my specific business?

How focused is this agency on insuring recreational marine programs? Is this their sole client base?

Keep these questions in mind when making a choice to be on the right path of finding the best coverage for your business’s needs.