Coverage for Nursing Home Vehicles

If you run a nursing home, you may wonder why pay for the nursing home insurance cost of covering your vehicles. Coverage for vehicles driven by employees is an important aspect of keeping your residents, employees and facility safe in the case of an accident. Here are some situations vehicle coverage can handle.

If your facility routinely drives residents anywhere, such as doctor appointments or salon visits, then you may have one or more vans to get everyone from the nursing home to their destination. Travel in a group means everyone in the vehicle accepts the same risks. Coverage for these risks is smart and can save you money.

Other times when a vehicle is used in relation to a nursing home are for single trips or picking up guests. Perhaps you offer rides for family members to and from the airport if they have to travel far to visit their loved one. Even though fewer people are in the vehicle, you still need just as much coverage.

Vehicle coverage is just one nursing home insurance cost you shouldn’t overlook. Having this coverage not only protects your facility but it shows to your residents and employees how you value their safety and will cover them if a vehicle accident occurs.