Using Stop Loss Insurance to Cover Gaps in Health Insurance Offerings

Many employers have found that they’re unable to offer employees the insurance they would like without seeing gaps in coverage. There are ways to take advantage of stop loss health insurance while offering employers tax breaks, too. Here are a few things to know about this option and how it can help. The Benefits of […]

Prepare for Changing Business Seasons with These Tips

The changing seasons outside from harsh winter to warm and vibrant spring signal a change in many businesses. Not all businesses are dependent on the seasons for change though. Spring does start the beginnings of vacations, travel and outdoor recreation. Prepare your business for the changing seasons with these tips and NM business liability coverage. […]

Professional Liability for Accountants: What You Should Know

Professional Liability for Accountants: What You Should Know As an accountant, you understand the importance of accuracy. You also know that when you are dealing with other people’s financials that you are opening yourself up to risk. Without accountants professional liability, you lack protection that accounting professionals need to have. Here is what you need […]

Trucking Insurance: Know the Facts

Trucking Insurance: Know the Facts Insurance, no matter what you need the coverage for, seems daunting at times. It doesn’t have to be this way. When it comes to the trucking industry, there are plenty of coverages designed to help truckers. Several companies, like Western Trucking Insurance, dedicate their coverages to truckers specifically. It’s time […]

What Is Stop Gap Liability Insurance?

What Is Stop Gap Liability Insurance? Stop gap insurance fills a financial risk where other insurance policies might fall short. For instance, in the case of workers’ compensation, gap insurance covers the missing liability coverage. When it comes to personal vehicles, gap insurance can help cover the costs that your normal insurance won’t. Stop Gap […]

Defend Condo Board Members From Lawsuits

When having a condo association under your care, there are many parts that must be protected in different ways, especially considering the fact you are watching over the homes and livelihoods and many different people. Some of those people include board members, who work as directors to oversee various parts of the association. It’s important […]

Preparing for an Insurance Auditor

As part of your commercial insurance policy, you will have a review by a workers compensation auditor. This visit determines if the estimated premium was sufficient for your business as it compares to the actual premium during the insurance policy period. Having Documents Ready The best way to prepare for a visit from an insurance […]

What Should Condo Association Insurances Cover?

Condominium associations can create a complex situation of figuring out the boundaries between who owns what. While those who live in condos have some qualities in common with homeowners in what needs to be handled by them, the condo association has a great deal they need to make sure to insure while making it clear […]