Tips for Safe Boating With Children

Sharing your love of boating with your children is natural, but many people wonder if it is safe to bring a baby on a boat. It is, but you should take certain safety measures and precautions, as mentioned by Here are some tips for your consideration. Helpful Advice for Parents To keep everyone on […]

The Difference Between Insurance Agents and Brokers

Insurance agents and insurance brokers often get confused with one another, but they are very different. Read on to learn more about insurance brokerage vs. insurance agency. Insurance Agents Agents are employees who represent insurance companies. They act for insurers and sell policies to anyone who is seeking coverage. Agents can be independent contractors which […]

Taking Care of Your New Commercial Car

If you’ve just purchased a new commercial car, you know how important it is to take care of it. There are a variety of things you can do to ensure there are no problems down the line, such as having acord 136 coverage. Here is why having this coverage is so important. It Protects Workers  […]

Errors and Omissions and Professional Careers

By owning your own business, you open your finances and assets up to increased risk through the liabilities you will encounter. You may know about the importance of carrying comprehensive insurance, but you might still question who needs professional liability insurance? If you have only considered carrying a general liability policy, your exposures may be […]

How to Avoid Patient Mishandling

In medical facilities, the risk is inherent. While some risk is expected, patients should not have to worry about the medical staff being unable to care for them properly. This means that there should never be fear that a staff member will drop them or mishandle them in a way that will cause injury. Unfortunately, […]

Three Ways to Finance a Semi Truck

Truck drivers can make a good living hauling merchandise and raw materials across cities and states. Without truckers, the US economy would likely grind to a halt. There are a few ways to get semi truck financing to start or grow your business. Traditional Lenders Big banks offer commercial loans for those with great credit […]

Cargo Protection in Water Transport

If you need a type of insurance that will cover any damage caused to cargo vessels, ships, terminals or cargo loss, then marine insurance is what you should carry. This policy is expressly written for courier or shipping companies who make their money through the transport of goods between different points of origin and a […]

3 Ways Long-Haul Truckers Can Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel

While a job as a long-haul trucker offers many benefits, such as the chance to travel and freedom from a traditional desk job, there are some challenges as well. Some drivers may find it difficult to stay awake during certain times of the day or night, and others may choose to forgo as much sleep […]

3 Numbers to Know in Contracting

The construction industry has seen new growth since the economy has begun to bounce back from the recession of a few years ago. If you have the skills and experience, this can be the time to grow your contracting company and increase your profits. There are three numbers you need to pay attention to if […]

Looking After Your Business With The Right Insurance

As a business owner, you have probably done everything you can to protect your dry cleaner. You’ve likely invested in a security system and done thorough background checks on your employees. However, these precautions can be meaningless if you are without proper insurance. A dry cleaners insurance program provided by an appropriate insurer can set […]