Big Rig Insurance Programs

Gain Insurance

You may see the big rigs traveling down the roads carrying a load to the next city, county, or state, but most people never know what those tankers carry as they roll along. Whether the big truck is transporting liquids such as milk, wine, or gasoline, or dry cargo such as grains, sugar, or plastic pellets, the independent contractor or company owner is required by law to have insurance on the vehicle and carried contents.

Hazardous Cargo

The indemnity specialists at Gain Insurance understand big tanker coverage needs. Sometimes the tanker rigs can be expected to haul hazardous and dangerous cargo over treacherous terrain, and that is why tanker truck insurance is different than other types of motor vehicle insurance programs.

Truck Types

There are several types of policies available to cover the wide range of tanker trucks carrying cargo along the roads of the nation. The big rigs you see may include:

  • Propane tankers
  • Pneumatic tankers
  • Fuel tankers
  • Food grade tankers
  • Chemical tankers

Because of the diversity of goods carried by the cargo tankers, the available coverage can include hazardous materials, food items, and explosive chemicals.

Comprehensive Insurance

Whether you work alone or own a company of drivers, make sure you are protected with a comprehensive insurance policy before you take another load out onto the road. Tanker pulls can be dangerous, but you can protect yourself with the right type of insurance – tanker insurance.