3 Ways Long-Haul Truckers Can Avoid Falling Asleep at the Wheel


While a job as a long-haul trucker offers many benefits, such as the chance to travel and freedom from a traditional desk job, there are some challenges as well. Some drivers may find it difficult to stay awake during certain times of the day or night, and others may choose to forgo as much sleep as they need in order to meet deadlines. Learning proven strategies for how long-haul truckers stay awake many help new drivers avoid dangerous situations on the road.

1. Staying Hydrated

As seen on https://www.truckinsure.com, one of the most important things drivers can do to keep themselves awake is to hydrate properly. While coffee and caffeinated sodas may seem like a good solution to exhaustion, they can actually make dehydration worse. Water is usually the best choice for drivers.

2. Eating Well

Drivers may find it tempting to choose the salty or sugary foods that are popular choices at fast-food restaurants and truck stops. However, heathier items that are high in protein are usually better choices. Granola bars, trail mix, or nuts may help reduce the temptation to sleep.

3. Taking a Power Nap

Short naps that are less than an hour-long may help drivers stay awake until it is time to pull over for a scheduled sleeping break. Some people may benefit from naps as short as 15 or 20 minutes.
Many truck drivers may find staying awake difficult. Some strategies that can help include drinking water, eating healthy foods, and taking short naps.