Why Do I Need Volunteer Insurance?

If you’re thinking that insurance coverage for volunteers is nothing but a scam to make more money, it’s time to retrain your brain. There are plenty of reasons why volunteers should have insurance, especially when they’re traveling overseas. Medical Expenses The whole point of insurance is that you hope you never need it, but if […]

Why Watercraft Coverage is Vital for Protecting Your PWC Rental Business

As the owner or manager of a marina or yacht club, you may be seeking to diversify your income sources by providing new services to your customers. The rental of personal watercraft, or PWC, is becoming an increasingly popular option, but introducing this service brings with it a host of new risks for which your […]

What Is Hemp Distributors Insurance?

If you sell CBD or other hemp-derived products, you need the right insurance to protect your business. A hemp distributors insurance policy, as seen on www.canngenins.com/, can provide the resources you need to keep your business running during legal claims, building repair and other disruptions. While proper insurance is important for all companies, it’s especially […]