Safeguards for Convenience Stores

When running a convenience store, one must make many considerations similar to that of other retailers and businesses. While these types of businesses have their own set of special needs that need to be addressed, they must also be sure that their convenience stores insurance plan has some basic protections in place. This typically includes: […]

Protect Your Fiduciary with Comprehensive Liability Insurance

With great power comes great responsibility: and an even greater exposure to claims of negligence. Few positions of authority are more fraught with possible assertions of mismanagement than that of a fiduciary entrusted with administering an organization’s savings, pension, benefits and/or health plans. Under terms of the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974, […]

Professional Liability for Mental Health Providers

Most mental health professionals, even when they are successful, lack the resources to defend against a malpractice claim or lawsuit. But over the span of a typical, 20 year career, as many as 40% of psychologists can expect to face at least a licensing challenge. HPSO professional liability insurance can protect your practice against these […]

Extending Your Commercial Auto Coverage

Companies often find themselves relying on employee assistance for things like office errands, carpooling for training events or traveling to sales meetings. The use of personal vehicles for business-related ventures brings new challenges and liabilities not covered by a traditional commercial auto policy. For coverage in these situations, it is wise to purchase a policy […]