Co-Employment Benefits and Concerns

The purpose behind partnering with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is so businesses can outsource employee management tasks, including HR administration, payroll and benefits, along with recruiting and training, risk and safety management, and worker’s compensation duties. A PEO provides comprehensive HR solutions for both small and mid-size businesses. When an employer begins working with […]

Liability Insurance Protection for Your Design Build Business

Clients expect many general contractors to present them with a design of the proposed build. While some contractors have a designer in house, many contractors subcontract out the design aspects of the build. Either way, the contractor is now put at risk for any errors in the design outside of the build itself. Design build […]

Offering Coverage for Independent Contractors

Traditional workers’ compensation or general liability insurance is not the most comprehensive in today’s gig economy. Many laborers are contracted and paid by the job rather than provided an hourly wage and set schedule, causally referring to these arrangements as a gig. In addition to non-traditional employment contracts, multiple online platforms can be used to […]